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Ace Campervans

Hello and welcome to Ace Campervan Rentals.

We are owner operators and have been in the rental industry in Rotorua for many years, hiring caravans to locals and holiday makers.

We recently hired a campervan ourselves and were overwhelmed at the amount of tourists in campervans in the south Island in the middle of winter. We became hooked! so we bought one for ourselves. Since then we have had many enquiries for hiring the campervan, so this is how our story has started. 

Since we had our first adventure, we have had a few more, and there is nothing like being on the road with no time restrictions, with the freedom to go which ever way you like. We have explored a little and have found places we would never have  known existed. And now we are looking forward to many more.

We like to think we walk in other peoples shoes, and like to offer everything we would expect ourselves.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Ace Campervans insurance

Customer’s Responsibilities
  • The Customer shall ensure that –
    • maintain the Campervan as is required by Ace (including, but not limited to, maintaining water, oil and fluid levels and tyre pressures and/or any punctures that may occur during the hire period);
    • notify Ace immediately by telephone of the full circumstances of any mechanical breakdown or accident in connection with the Campervan. The Customer is not absolved from the requirements to safeguard the Campervan by giving such notification.
    • satisfy itself prior to taking delivery of the Campervan that the Campervan is suitable for its purposes;
    • operate the Campervan safely, strictly in accordance with the law, only for its intended use, and in accordance with any manufacturer’s instruction, whether supplied by Ace or posted on the Campervan;
    • ensure that all persons operating or erecting the Campervan are suitably instructed in its safe and proper use, and where necessary, hold a current certificate of competency and/or are fully licensed;
    • comply with all occupational health and safety laws relating to the Campervan and its operation;
    • keep the Campervan in their own possession and control;
    • not alter or make any additions to the Campervan including but without limitation altering, make any additions to, defacing or erasing any identifying mark, plate or number on or in the Campervan or in any other manner interfere with the Campervan;
    • the use of the Campervan is solely for the Customer’s use and shall not permit the use of the Campervan or any part thereof to be used by any other party for any other purpose;
    • not exceed the recommended or legal load and capacity limits of the Campervan;
    • not use or carry any illegal, prohibited or dangerous substance in or on the Campervan;
    • not fix any of the Campervan in such a manner as to make it legally a fixture forming part of any freehold;
    • all reasonable care is taken in parking the Campervan, and that the handbrake is properly engaged;
    • all vents and windows are secure before driving; and
    • the Campervan is locked and secure at all times it is not in use;
    • on termination of the hire period, return (or deliver up for collection) the Campervan complete with all parts and accessories clean and in good order as delivered, fair wear and tear accepted, to Ace.
  • The Customer shall be liable for any tolls, or parking and/or traffic infringements and will supply relevant details as required by the Police and/or Ace relating to any such parking or traffic infringement and offences, impoundment, towage and storage.
  • Smoking and the use of any illegal drugs is not permitted in the Campervan. Any evidence or smell of smoking / drug use will incur any costs of cleaning the Campervan, and/or repairing or replacing upholstery or any contents of the Campervan.
  • The use of candles / naked flames, or gas cooking devices that are not factory installed is expressly prohibited. Any damage resulting from the Customer’s failure to adhere to this clause shall be the responsibility of the Customer.
  • Animals are not permitted inside the Campervan (except for registered guide dogs).
  • The Customer shall not –
    • sublet or hire the Campervan to any other person; and
    • permit the Campervan to be driven outside their authority; and
    • drive the Campervan, or permit it to be driven, in circumstances that contravene clause 3 (please check it in full terms).
  • In the event of loss or damage to the Campervan (and any of its contents) the Customer shall be liable for –
    • the daily hire rate for the period the Campervan is off fleet for accident repairs (up to a maximum of seven (7) days); and
    • the costs of repairing any –
      • damage to windows, vents and/or tyres;
      • damage relating to creek or river crossing, beaches and flooded areas, or on restricted roads;
      • overhead or underbody damage to the Campervan.
    • the cost of replacing lost keys;
    • the new list price of any Campervan that is for whatever reason destroyed, written off, or not returned to Ace;
    • all costs incurred in cleaning the Campervan;
    • any insurance excess payable in relation to a claim made by either the Customer or Ace in relation to any damage caused by, or to, the hire Campervan whilst the same is hired by the Customer and irrespective of whether charged by the Customer’s insurers or Ace’s.


  • Subject to the exclusions set out below, the Customer, and any driver authorised to drive the Campervan, is fully indemnified in respect of any liability they might have to Ace in respect of the loss or damage to the Campervan and its accessories and spare parts and any consequential loss of revenue or other expenses of Ace, including towing and salvage costs associated with the recovery of the Campervan and its accessories and spare parts.
  • Subject to the exclusions set out below and herein, the Customer, and any driver authorised to drive the Campervan, is indemnified to the extent of the amount stipulated in the Hire Agreement in respect of any liability they might have for damage to any property (including injury to any animal) belonging to any other person and arising out of the use of the Campervan.
  • The indemnities referred to above shall not apply where the damage, injury, or loss arises when –
    • the driver is under the influence of alcohol, or any drug that affects their ability to drive the Campervan;
    • the driver is in breach of the Transport Act 1962, the Traffic Regulations 1976, or any other Act, regulations, or bylaws relating to road traffic;
    • subject to the Campervan being deemed safe and roadworthy on the commencement of the hire period, where the Campervan becomes (during the hire period) in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition which has caused or contributed to the damage or loss, and the Customer (or driver) was aware, or ought to have been aware, of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the Campervan;
    • the Campervan is used in any race, speed test, rally, or contest;
    • the Campervan is driven by any person who at the time of driving the Campervan is disqualified from holding or has never held a driver’s licence appropriate for the Campervan;
    • the Campervan is wilfully or recklessly damaged by the Customer (or any other person nominated in the Hire Agreement or driving the Campervan under the authority of the Customer), or is lost as the result of wilful or reckless behaviour of the Customer or any such person.
    • the Campervan is used outside the hire period, or any agreed extension of that term.
  • It is agreed between Ace and the Customer that Section 11 of the Insurance Law Reform Act 1977 shall apply with respect to the above exclusions as if this clause constituted a contract of insurance. The general effect of this provision is that an exclusion will not apply if the Customer proves on the balance of probability that the damage or loss was not caused or contributed to by the matters to which the exclusion refers.
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